Aces of Space
Veemarktkade 8 – ruimte 5252 (ingang N)
5222 AE ‘s-Hertogenbosch
T. 06 – 39 56 50 66

Aces of space

Aces of Space is a concept design agency and experts at creating multi-dimensional experiences tailored to your story.

‘Space’ is what surrounds us. What makes up the walls of your brand experience? It’s not just the physical objects and dimensions that matter: it’s the colours, the textures, smells, the shapes, the atmosphere, the people, the sounds: everything your senses can perceive is part of your personal space.

Strategic Consultancy
Hospitality & retail design development
Office & corporate design development
Phygital & Digital integration
Art direction -Branding
Digital content creation and virtual reality tours
Creative follow-up on production & installation